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Investor Relations

Explore our Investor Relations hub for the latest updates on financial performance and strategic initiatives, ensuring you're well-informed about our investment opportunities. Stay in the know with our Investor Relations section, where you can access key financial information and track our progress in a user-friendly format.

Supervisory Board
Catewicz, Karina Monika - Członek RN
Kajszczak Witold - Członek RN
Gawlik Magdalena - Członek RN
Pełka Elżbieta - Członek RN
Wolińska Grażyna - Członek RN

Management Board
Jacek Wojciechowicz - Prezes Zarządu
Tomasz Hofman - Wiceprezes Zarządu 


Międlar Piotr with  Ragnar Trade sp. z o.o. :  751 870 (25,06 %)  

Current Reports

Quarterly Reports Schedule:
The disclosure of reports to the public will occur on the following schedule:
- Q4 2023 Quarterly Report – February 14, 2024
- Q1 2024 Quarterly Report – May 15, 2024
- Q2 2024 Quarterly Report – August 14, 2024
- Q3 2024 Quarterly Report – November 14, 2024

Corporate Documents
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